What makes Garrie Bea's work unique?

I layer sculptural elements under the painted surface of my work. I want the viewer to feel compelled to reach out and touch my work. For me, a tactile dimension is a necessary part. I want to develop works whose succulent surfaces provide enough intrigue that the viewer has to stop, be drawn closer and is rewarded for that attentiveness by a variety of visual surprises.

I feel content when subtle colour enhances the surface textures in surprising ways. I fade and strengthen colours to provide exhilaration in the viewer.

How I do it…

I like to work in long series. I find that creative ideas come in batches when I am working consistently on multiple art works. By doing numerous paintings/constructions within a specific theme I bypass the obvious solutions and go inward to that unique place that is mine and mine alone, my personal well of inspiration.

The stimulation of my hunt for creative solutions is part of the endless curiosity that breeds new directions in my work.

I do enjoy the silent satisfaction of taking society’s “throw away” materials and recycling them into my works.

Why I do it…

It is my belief that I, as an artist, must do more than merely decorate a wall. I am not interested in the “quick glance” approach to art. I want to develop works that will engage the mind as well as the eye of the beholder.

Strength combined with subtlety-that is my goal. I want to create memorable pieces that are visually strong by using thoughtful choices.

If I can transfer to the viewer on an intuitive level the exhilaration I feel while creating the work then I consider that piece a success.